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"Long-Leg Lou & Short-Leg Sue" by Shel Silverstein

Long-Leg Lou and Short-Leg Sue
Went for a walk down the avenue,
Laughin’ and jokin’ like good friends do,
Long-Leg Lou and Short-Leg Sue.

Says Long-Leg Lou to Short-Leg Sue,
“Can’t you walk faster than you do?
It really drives me out of my mind
That I’m always in front, and you’re always behind.”

Says Short-Leg Sue to Long-Leg Lou,
“I walk as fast as I’m meant to do.”
“Then I’ll go walkin’ with someone new,”
Says Long-Leg Lou to Short-Leg Sue.

Now Long-Leg Lou, he walks alone,
Looking for someone with legs like his own,
And sometimes he thinks of those warm afternoons
Back when he went walkin’ with Short-Leg Sue.

And Short-Leg Sue strolls down the street
Hand in hand with Slow-Foot Pete,
And they take small steps and they do just fine,
And no one’s in front and no one’s behind.



"Sweet Disposition" - Temper Trap. Love this song.



Everything bows to beauty when it is fierce,
when it is flawless.
Ani D.



Instead, we’re the people that we wanted to know, and we’re the places that we wanted to go.
Modest Mouse



Come hold me just a little bit longer now…



Regina Spektor - “Samson”. LOVE.


I don’t know if I’ve ever truly “blogged” before. I mean, if I have, it hasn’t been about a personally significant subject. Of course, I could be talking out my ass, but I think that’s a reasonable danger associated with communicating ideas and experiences.

Enter: my recent “vacation” in California.

In 2008, I went to Santa Cruz with my then-boyfriend, and I had an amazing time. We explored downtown, had tasty meals and drinks, and, perhaps most importantly, spent a ton of time with my dearest friend, Eva. The trip was so amazing, in fact, that I desperately wanted to move there. As a part of a couple, it seemed that it would be a foolish idea, and it was abandoned like so many other things.

This most recent trip was notably different, in that there was a lot of work involved for Eva’s wedding and that I was there as a “single” person. With that being said, I’m still left with this feeling of longing about no longer being there. I’m not sure if “longing” accurately describes what I’m feeling, but it will have to suffice for now.

I love making lists, so let’s go. Here is what I love about Santa Cruz:

1. Climate;

2. The absolute weirdness of its demographic;

3. Availability of so many things to DO;

4. The people I have met have been kind and open-minded, and are of a totally different “stock” than what I am accustomed to in Maine. It’s hard to explain, and I don’t mean to trash on Maine at all because I love it in different ways. It’s just another world out there, and I think the politics in Cali are generally more aligned with mine own;

5. Sense of freedom about being who I am without feeling strange or out of place.

Another important thing to mention is that I have ended up losing right around five pounds over the course of a week, both times that I have been out there. I think that this is a combination of many factors, including how everything is much more pedestrian-friendly, there are so many different kinds of healthy foods readily available, and I’m so happy that I’m there that I don’t find myself overeating (which is a frequent problem for me in Maine). Don’t get me wrong, Maine offers a ton of sports and activities, but many of them are not ones that I am interested in (other than hiking, maybe, which is something I want to start doing more, whether it’s here or elsewhere).

Needless to say, I find myself considering moving out west, just to say that I have done it. I’m young, able, and desperately needing a change. I’m also aware that I may just be caught in some sort of Californian afterglow (I knew I could sneak in an Everclear reference somewhere). This past week was one of the most wonderful weeks of my life, and I’ve been to a few interesting places. Of course, it could be that I had such a great time because my best friend was getting married, and everyone was merry (har har). I’m also concerned that Eva’s friends are only Eva’s friends, and that I will come out there and feel lonely. That last one is pretty unlikely, I think, because I’m a fairly sociable person, and I can make friends everywhere. But it does help that I actually know people that live around the Santa Cruz area.

I will revisit this subject in future days, and if I still feel the same about Cali, I will start exploring my options.



Amazing, perfect, awesome.



"In The Sun" - She & Him

Bill Maher - New Rule

"New Rule: The more human beings try to deny themselves the love they really want, with who they want, whether that love is straight or gay — or in Lady GaGa’s case, miscellaneous — the dumber they always look in the end. …"